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With more than 10 000 app downloads per month (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Amazon Kindle, HTML5 and BB10) and over 150 000 coffee lovers and counting using the app and visiting the website monthly, FindMeCoffee is the perfect online and mobile outlet for the entire industry. We had over 1 million page views in our first 12 months and have already processed over 3.5 million coffee shop searches. We are your direct communications channel to consumers looking to buy coffee and/or coffee related products in real time!

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FindMeCoffee is not only effective for Coffee Shops, but is has proven valuable for Roasters, Coffee Product Companies and Coffee Retailers as well. FindMeCoffee is quickly growing to become the leading dedicated coffee search engine and the most complete online and mobile coffee marketplace. Click the appropriate tab below for more detailed information.

More than 70% of Mobile Users Make an immediate coffee purchase