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Spruce Up Your Coffee Shop

Avatar Posted on: 2017-07-21 4:56 PM
Recently, I’ve been chatting with a number of local coffee shops about their look. Many of them have that early 2000’s exposed brick theme that in my opinion is getting a little tired. I find that if the renovation was done more prior to 2010 then it might be a little tired from day-to-day wear and tear. If you thinking of an upgrade, I’d like to share some feedback from coffee shop owners who’ve done some minor tweaks to their ambiance and noticed an uptick in sales.
1. Upgrade First Impressions – Your coffee shop’s exterior greets guests as soon as they drive or walk up. Make that first impression count with a well-organized and attractive landscaped walkway. Even if you have a downtown street presence, a pair of nice planters, seasonally decorated will grab some eye-tention. These upgrades are usually less expensive than a complete exterior makeover and show your customers that you’ve some style.
2. Throw the Doors Open – Rework your old entrance with an eye-catching combination of bright colors, custom metals, and designer glass. Charm crowds with the retro good looks of revolving doors, or show off your brand on a canopy entrance. If space is an issue install some dramatic doorway lighting to grab the local spotlight. (pun totally intended) There is a little café in Guelph where you get to walk through a replica of the Tardis. If you don’t know what the Tardis is, you’re probably not within the target demographic of this trendy roaster and coffee shop.
3. Change Your Colors – Ask an experienced commercial renovation company about inexpensive remodeling ideas, and one of the first suggestions you hear revolves around color. A fresh coat of paint brightens up the most tired restaurant inside and out with just a small investment in time and materials. Nothing clean like a fresh coat of paint…this year's colors;
·      Light Color Scheme: Ivory, beige, white, pale yellow, light gray.
·      Dark Color Scheme: Deep blue, purple, crimson, dark gray.
·      Warm Color Scheme: Red, yellow, terracotta, orange.
·      Cool Color Scheme: Green, blue, purple, burgundy, metallic.
4. Step Up a Level – Refresh dining areas by taking them to new heights. This strategy works especially well for floors that need replacing, and it adds interest to a room for about the same cost. The addition of recessed lighting in steps to an elevated section gives it extra customer appeal. While you’re at it, add a few places where patrons can hang a coat or two near their table. Nothing says sloppy like winter coats draped over the backs of chairs with their hems soaking up the salty wet dragged in off the street.
5. Don’t Be Afraid to Divide – Turn large, noisy spaces into several rooms for quiet, comfortable dining by putting up new walls. Make the space even more efficient with banquette seating, and keep foot traffic moving in the right direction by defining pathways with half-walls or planter boxes. While you’re doing this, remove all the power outlets. A new trend in smaller cafés is to go un-wireless. Small intimate groups chatting and spending is the new normal.
6. Turn Those Tables –
Wooden table tops are easy to sand and refinish. Your investment in elbow grease is a fraction of the cost of new fixtures. Re-upholster old chairs, touch up their scratches and apply that same recycling tactic to bar stools and counter tops. The key here is to look successful, nothing says we’re one step away from going out of business better than worn furniture.
7. Punch Holes in the Roof – Skylights fill a dining room with beautiful, natural illumination that always puts dining customers in a good light. The stylish ceiling windows also reduce your need for daytime lighting indoors, and that helps hold down energy costs. If your landlord isn’t a fan of this idea, well-placed mirrors to collect and reflect light from off the street will brighten your local and give it a more spacious feel.
8. Freshen Up the Bathrooms
– Don’t forget about restrooms when you plan your restaurant remodeling job. Renovations can be as simple as new mirrors and counters or as complete as modern, water-saving fixtures. Spend some money here on high-end industrial quality fixtures. What you’ll spend up front you’ll save ten times over in repairs. Make sure to install a time fragrance emitter to keep your restroom smelling fresh.
9. Save on Back of House Operations – Upgrading the kitchen doesn’t affect your restaurant’s interior style, but an investment in energy-saving equipment pays off for years to come. Consider Energy Star-rated freezers, walk-ins, ovens and fryers. Don’t forget to get rid of those energy sucking computers, tablet based POS systems cost far less to operate.
10. Take It Outside – Don’t waste space outside your restaurant. Convert it into expanded seating with al fresco flair. Install planters to define your outdoor dining room. Even on a crowded boulevard, you might be able to squeeze in a few tidy bistro tables. Nothing draws in customers, like other customers.  If you don’t have a funky sidewalk sign with your daily specials then get one…keep it up to date and add something to it to make it memorable. A daily slogan or a gimmicky nick-knack will draw more notice than you think.
You don’t have to break the bank to finance smart upgrades at your location. Instead, work with a commercial renovation company that knows how to stretch your remodeling dollars. Local contractors from can offer many years of experience in restaurant redesigns and remodels.
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