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Find Me Coffee is for the person on the move who is looking for a local coffee shop.  We all know that sometimes in our hectic days we need a place to stop and recharge, meet with a friend, sit for a second and connect to the internet or grab a pick-me-up during the day. We don't always have access to our favorite local hang out. There are lots of great coffee shops out there to explore.

FindMeCoffee was designed to create a community for the coffee culure. 

People use FindMeCoffee to find and explore the local coffee culture wherever they are in the world. 

Coffee Shops share their stories, amenities hours of operation and deals with customers exploring the local coffee community.

Coffee Product Suppliers and manufactuers use our "CAFE PRODUCTS" section to tell their stories, share news and tell consumers where their products are sold.

Find Me Coffee is a working directory created by using the Grexen Directory Framework.

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