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The Home Coffee Nook

Avatar Posted on: 2017-06-26 11:38 AM
Thanks to shows like Mad Men, the trend to create home bars is coming back with a vengeance as people try to create that classy vintage vibe in their homes or rec rooms. In the same vein, other trends I’ve noticed are the home coffee bar and the coffee nook. I refer to them as separate because in my humble opinion the coffee bar is a well-equipped station that enables the home barista to craft a multitude of caffeine infused beverages. The Nook, on the other hand, is the silent refuge that we carve out of our kitchen to enjoy whatever concoctions come out of the bar. In short, the coffee bar is the kitchen area, and the nook is the serving area. This post is dedicated to the nook. I’ll revisit the home coffee bar in the future.
Let’s start with the overall vibe, the karma, the essence of what you’re going for. The nook could be as simple as a couple of bar stools tucked in a corner by the window where you can look out and enjoy the sunrise...boring. The Nook is your refuge and by definition, a nook is a hideaway, a little harbor in an otherwise hectic life. Personally, I’m sitting in my nook right now, it’s got comfy seating for two, a flat surface where I can write, and power so I can write a little longer. There are black and white photos on the wall to remind me of past travels and a window to the side for looking forward.   The well-equipped coffee station is just out of reach.
Creating this enclave required a minor renovation, that also necessitated a new power outlet and an overhead light. After some final juggling added two little side shelves that act as our coffee counter.
“Nook – definition:  a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security.”
But, before you start knocking down walls, there are a few things to consider about designing your own coffee nook. Here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind as you’re creating your space.
How much room do you have for your coffee nook? Can you make use of corners, dead space at the end of your kitchen counter or unused vertical space? Do you have to carve some space out of a family room with a half wall or a divider? It might seem like a lot but it’ll be worth it. If you are going to be adding some half walls make sure that you plan accordingly. A good contractor will make sure that you can get power and lighting to this new space.

Regardless of the amount of space you have, your nook should be intimate and have seating for no more than two.
Think about what your intentions are. Is this a reading room or a sitting room, will you be crafting or just thinking. Ours is often commandeered as a homework station.
In our case, there’s a hidden bookshelf to house whatever we’re reading and a stand for our reading glasses. Stone Trivets are embedded in the shelves as a place to rest our cups without worrying about damaging the natural finish of the wood.

Making the nook too accessible defeats the purpose. It should naturally be out of the way and possibly in the next room. A side table, appropriately positioned, can act as an attractive separator to disguise the space without looking cluttered.
This is where you can let your imagination run wild. The good news is that there are plenty of coffee nook design ideas to choose from before you start building! A little chalkboard can add that coffee shop feel, or maybe an antique clock. Perhaps an industrial look with a stainless steel cart and
Once you’ve nailed down the four “A”s, you can start creating and decorating your in-home coffee haven. But what if you need a little more inspiration in terms of themes, colors, layouts, and organization? Here are just 23 ideas that will strike a match to your creativity.
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